Marcel Proust Quote

“A book is the product of a different self from the one we manifest in our habits, in society, in our vices. If we mean to try to understand this self it is only in our inmost debts, by endeavoring to reconstruct it there, that the quest can be achieved.” – Marcel Proust


The SunSara Comicbook Kickstarter – New Incentive! Check it out!

Week Two Incentive


Here’s an early concept for one of the characters from Sunsara. A little bit too western for it, but I was trying for a futuristic western flair. He didn’t make it, but who knows, maybe I’ll work him in somehow down the road.

We’re stalling a little bit with the Kickstarter, so I’ve added an incentive for this week. If we can reach 75% of the goal by the end of this Saturday, April 13, I’ll customize every copy of Book One with a sketch for all levels above $30. So please share the Kickstarter with others and if you haven’t put in for at least $30 then this is a little incentive to throw in a little more.

Thanks and let’s keep this moving!